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Lash Luminary specializes in the artistry of the eyelash extension technique known as "volume" . The volume technique is the process of using ultra light weight lash extensions to make hand-made flares. These flares, or fans are then adhered to a single natural lash. While all services use this advanced and versatile technique, the artist will create a look that is fully custom to match the desired style of the client. 

Lash fills are a necessary part of maintaining eyelash extensions and are recommended every 2-3 weeks. During your fill service, your lashes will be cleansed, any grown out extensions will be removed and replaced, and healthy new growth will be filled accordingly to desired fullness. During your fill you can modify any styling preferences such as length, fullness, shape, and curl.


If you would like to have your lashes removed, please book a removal. A gel solution is applied to your extensions to break the bond of the adhesive to the natural lash. Do not try to remove your lashes at home.

Lash Removal..........................................$ 40
30 minutes



volume full set


A handmade volume "fan" is adhered to about every other natural lash to extend and lengthen the natural lash and create a light natural style. The Half Moon partial set is a service where you will get about half the lashes in half the time that you would normally for the Full Moon full set. This service is wonderful for those who love a light & natural look or anyone who is completely new to lashes and wanting to try them out. 

volume partial set

A volume "fan" is adhered to every healthy natural lash to extend and lengthen the natural lash while also creating a fluffy and soft fullness. Don't let the word "volume" deter you, with the Full Moon full set service your artist will be able to customize your set to be as natural or dramatic as you wish. Your artist will work with you to find a style that will flatter your unique facial features and eye shape, while simultaneously matching your lifestyle.

This service is designed for anyone needing a quick touch up to get their lashes back to desired fullness. This is a perfect option for those coming in weekly, or anyone wanting to be refreshed before a vacation or event.

This service is for those needing a standard fill. Depending on your shed cycle and retention, a basic fill is recommended every 2 weeks to maintain full coverage.  

If you need more time to get your lashes filled to your desired fullness, please book the Fill Plus+

Fills are strictly based on time so please book according to your needs.

basic fill

touch up

full moon

half moon

basic fill

This service is considered an extended Basic Fill. The PLUS+ fill is for anyone needing a little extra time and TLC or if you have shed more than half of your lashes. Likely if it has been over 3 weeks, this is the service for you.

If you need more time to get your lashes filled to your desired fullness, please book the Full Moon full set.


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Full Moon Full Set................................$ 275
2-3 hours

Half Moon Partial Set ......................$ 150
1 hour 30 minutes

Touch up..........................................$ 55
1 hour

Basic Fill.........................................$ 85
1 hour 45 minutes

Basic fill Plus+...............................$ 120
2 hours 15 minutes

please carefully read our policies fully before booking your appointment

Cancelation policy: We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment or you will be charged an automatic 50% cancellation fee.

Payment options: cash and all major credit cards are accepted. 

Refunds: Lash Luminary does not offer refunds on services. 

Fills: Fills are strictly based on time. Please book accordingly to get your lashes to full coverage. If less than 10 lash extensions are present on either eye, a new full set will be required. If it has been over 4 weeks since your last fill, a new full set will be required.

Retention: Retention rates vary greatly among individuals and cannot be promised or predicted by your stylist.  Circumstantial factors such as aftercare, seasonal shedding, and skin type can all affect one's retention. One person may come in for a fill every 3 weeks while another person might need to come in weekly. We suggest monitoring your retention over the first few weeks to see when a fill works best for your unique eyes.

Styling: Eye shapes and natural lashes are unique to you. Your natural lashes will broadly determine what extension style is possible and flattering for you. Every persons lashes sit and curl differently, therefore what length and style may work for one person may not necessarily work for you. Every set of lashes is done in a customized nature. Please speak with your stylist and allow open communication to find the best shape and style for you.

Children: We are not able to accommodate children in the studio at this time.

Transfer Clients: As long as no damage or irritation is present, I will blend into work done by another studio. $25 fee will be added to new client fills coming from another artist.

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